Singapore is the fifth most expensive expat city in the world: ECA International

Singapore has advanced 8 placements to become the 5th most costly city globally for migrants. This was one of the findings of the latest price of living study posted by ECA International.

A boost in accommodation costs in Seoul, caused by a tightening up of rental source, was the hidden factor sustaining the greater cost of living. While in Yangon, the rise was due to ongoing socio-political concerns creating considerable inflation for everyday goods together with services.

“Costs for goods and solutions in Hong Kong increased at multi-year highs, showing that the city was not saved from the wave of inflation we have observed throughout the world in the past year,” says Quane. Nevertheless, the city fell this year because the rise in rates of everyday items and also services was toughened up by falls in accommodation prices, he adds.

Generally, cities in the Asia Pacific area saw their positions topple this year, yet South Korea’s Seoul and also Myanmar’s Yangon threw the pattern to climb up a couple of locations. Seoul climbed up one area to 9th in the positions, as well as Yangon rose four places to 167.

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“Singapore’s growth is notable. Enhanced necessity for leasing dwelling in the Lion City, driven by aspects such as the previously loosening of Covid-19 restrictions contrasted to various other major areas in the location, was not matched by equivalent increases in the supply of suitable dwelling,” says ECA International’s local executive of Asia Lee Quane.

Hong Kong plunged from its top slot in 2022’s positions by ECA to end up being the 2nd most expensive city. It was surpassed by New York this particular year, noting completion of Hong Kong’s four-year regime at the top.

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